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The Expedition adds revolutionary comfort to casual cycling, whether for pleasure, fitness, or transportation. Every component and design element was selected with this guiding principle, so that you might find yourself riding an Expedition with friends or family on a bike path by the beach, or cruising in equal comfort on a rougher gravel road.


Key Features

• Expeditions feature an ergonomic frame design. A shorter top tube and taller head tube result in a more upright riding position, taking pressure off your lower back and creating a more comfortable riding position. The relaxed frame geometry and lower center of gravity provide stability at any speed, improving control and making it possible to enjoy the view.
• All Expedition models come with new aggressive Crossroads EX tires for smooth rolling and confident traction.
• All Expeditions utilize A1 Alloy tubing, our time-tested aluminum alloy frame material. Our engineering and design team’s control over every phase of the alloy’s existence, from raw billet to finished frame, allows us to perfectly tune the material to your needs. By controlling every aspect of construction, our A1 frames are able to affordably maximize strength-to-weight ratios and ride quality.
• Designed for comfort across a wide range of terrain, each Expedition is equipped with a ComfortPlush seat, which integrates a mattress-type construction to increase comfort. A suspension fork and seat post absorb bumps in the road, path, or trail, while the adjustable stem allows you to fine-tune your position on the bike. Hemisphere tires are also found on Expedition models, with a smooth large-volume tread pattern that grips paved surfaces, easily rolls through potholes, and remains stable on loose gravel trails.




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