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Giant Revive
Giant Revive DX

Giant Revive

Revive is the ultimate comfort bike with a neutral riding position and adjustability for riders from 5'-6'6". It puts the rider in an ergonomically correct position that takes pressure off the hands, shoulders, neck, back and bottom.

REVIVE addresses the most common complaints typically found with the traditional bicycle. REVIVE not only puts the rider in a more comfortable position, it puts the rider in a superior ergonomic cycling posture that properly aligns the spine and posterior for ultimate comfort. Most importantly, the bike is easy to ride, and because it’s so comfortable and easy, it’s fun to ride for everyone!

But REVIVE is not just a new, fun bicycle. At Giant, we truly believe that Revive can be a new way to enjoy life for a whole group of people that have been missing out on outdoor exercise, for whatever the reason. And because of REVIVE’s superior ergonomic cycling posture, riding REVIVE can actually translate into a better posture and a healthier lifestyle in all phases life.
In addition to REVIVE’s easy-to-use features, an even more important benefit exists, that of becoming healthier while having fun.




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