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The Sequoia family is serious about having fun on the road, without compromising ergonomics, and without a hint of competitive attitude. Comfort, efficiency, and reliability are the qualities that drive the development of these bikes, making them the perfect machines for event rides, solo road trips, commuting, or fitness-based riding.


Key Features

• Ergonomic Road Geometry
We understand that many riders today require a more body-friendly position on the bike; this brought about our scientific approach to ergonomic frame design in the Sequoia family. Ergonomic geometry has three specific attributes:
1. More upright riding position created by a shorter top tube and taller head tube; being more upright reduces back strain. Riders who have reduced flexibility in their back or neck, a desire to be more upright for enhanced visibility, or tend to get sore hands due to too much pressure on them are all candidates for a bike that provides more comfort by addressing these needs.
2. Lower bottom bracket. Improved stability is achieved by lowering the center of gravity, improving cornering control.
3. Optimized weight distribution. Ensuring the correct weight distribution creates a confidence-inspiring, stable ride.
The result is the most ergonomic and comfortable performance road bike on the market, without compromise to ride quality or efficiency.
• Zertz
Over the course of a ride, vibrations can take their toll on a rider, sapping comfort, energy, and focus. The goal of Zertz technology is to minimize vibrations transmitted to the rider, accomplished through elastomeric inserts in the fork, handlebar, seatstays, and seatpost. The result is a smoother, more comfortable ride.
• Zertz Handlebar
Similar to an engine motor mount, this ingenious and effective innovation employs a proprietary damping material between the handlebar clamping area and the stem and in special voids formed into stays, fork legs, and seatpost. The material has been proven to isolate vibrations and reduce transmission to the rider, decreasing fatigue and increasing comfort, without compromising rigidity.
• Fully butted A1 Premium Aluminum
A1 is our time-tested aluminum alloy frame material. The difference comes in our engineering and design team’s exact control over every phase of the alloy’s existence, from raw billet to finished frame. By controlling every aspect of construction, our A1 frames are able to affordably maximize strength-to-weight ratios and ride quality.




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